This book is one of the most life-changing things I have read. It’s astounding the amount of non-food Americans eat. Michael Pollan suggests three simple rules, in seven words: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Sounds easy, but amazingly there is very little actual food in supermarkets. Ever since I read this and the follow-up manual, Food Rules, I have been trying to be more deliberate in searching out real food and trying to sit down and eat it slowly, just enjoying it, and finishing when I’m full, not stuffed. It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds, but I’m enjoying looking for delicious food that is good for me. Because food that’s actually good for you is more satisfying. And I only have this one life and I don’t want to spend it shoving a menagerie of unknown chemicals in my mouth only to get diseases I could have prevented by eating some plants. 

Anyway, I definitely recommend this book. Food is such a huge portion of lives. I think we should invest a little time finding out what it is we are actually eating and taking action to improve it.

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