Today is my last day off before I start school again, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. For me, the best days are the ones with no agenda, and where no one is around. Being the introvert that I am, I revel in days such as today, where I can sleep in, cozy up in a blanket next to my open window, feeling the breeze, sipping my coffee, the sounds of Sigur Rós comforting me as equally as the book in my hand. 

The air is crisp today, for the first time in months, and it only makes me happier. The fall weather rejuvenates me, and makes me excited for class again (even though it’s only been 9 days since I finished my final paper from last quarter).


Fresh air makes me want to make fresh goals, and I am determined to be ever-mindful of them this year, to take each day on its own, and to be glad with small accomplishments; not every day is a summit day. 

My one wish would be for this weather to stick around a little longer, but for now, this day is serving me just fine.


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