entwined & interwoven


you will not tell me i am mistaken,

 when i have touched the face of Love.

what is this religion you preach?

 i see only a veil.

twisting and concealing the beauty

 of his countenance.

you would sooner send me to the fire

 than respect my truth!

triviality rules your dogma

and you forget the simplest form:

be humble, forgive, do not pass judgment.

i am a creature in search of the source,

 do not tread upon my journey

with your hasty judgment, your blinded pride—

 we are all wanderers.

you speak of finding G-D.

 does he hide?

i lift my eyes and he is the sky.

i am motionless and he is the wind.

i am firmly grounded and he is the earth.

i open my mouth and he is every word spoken in love.

perhaps it is we, sister & brother,

who must need be found.

entwined & interwoven


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