Shit Twin Cities People Say:


Do you have any lotion?
This is where they invented the Jucy Lucy.
Seriously, air conditioning? Seriously?
Wait, is there a snow emergency?
So I think we can park on the odd…no, the even…no…
It’s gotta be peak color right now
It’s called a turn signal!
Do you have Surly on tap?
Let’s go there, I think they have Surly on tap.
Come here once.
Duck duck grey duck.
Do you want to come with?
I don’t care, it’ll always be Dayton’s to me.
I haven’t shaved my legs in 3 weeks.
Where did you get those boots?
They only sell this cheese at Surdyk’s.
Fucking bikers!
I don’t go to St. Paul
I got these at the Farmer’s Market
I was an extra in The Mighty Ducks
You guys, we should totally do the Peddle Pub
It’s called a zipper merge!
Yeah, but what’s the windchill?
Sven said to bundle up
I so do not have an accent
Gimme that bug spray once

Shit Twin Cities People Say:


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