Even in a place of endless sunshine and perpetual spring, there is still a sense of renewal that happens in California come March and April. The clock turns ahead an hour, and suddenly the evenings seem to hold more opportunities. The perennials begin blooming, filling the air everywhere with their intoxication. The farmers markets’ tables weigh even heavier with early spring vegetables, and windows are thrown open to let in the warm breeze. Here, where the shift in temperature is barely noticeable, signs of spring are felt elsewhere- in extended dinners held outside, in the realization that the evening shawl is not needed, in the bright colors in shop windows, in the itchy noses of the allergic. Food is brighter, fabrics are lighter, hikes are longer. While I may no longer experience the earth thawing, I still feel it growing and showing off its beauty, and I am grateful for the barely imperceptible shift that happens when flowers unfold and hearts are warmed by that extra hour of sunlight.

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