Shades of Grey

Gray 4

Gray 3

Gray 2

Gray 1

I love these photos from Kinfolk Magazine. As much as I may think I’m not susceptible to the idea of “eternal youth,” it still creeps in unexpectedly, because our culture is saturated with it. That’s why I so admire these beautiful women. The photo essay these appeared in was titled, “The Grace of Gray,” and I don’t think there is a more apt description. These women are so beautiful, in the most natural way one could be. As I continue to get older, my goal is to embrace the lines of life on my face, for they showed where I felt beauty and pain. As difficult and counter-culture it may be, I hope I have the courage to be crowned by the beauty and grace of gray and silver. I want to appreciate my body more the longer it is around. I want to nourish and care for it, not try to hide it. I’m not sure now how I will feel when I get closer to the actuality of wrinkles and streaks, but I hope that no matter what the color of my hair, I will embrace who I am and the body that’s carried me so far.

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